Meiltä kaikki polttopuutarpeesi!

All firewoods that you need!
We will deliver all firewoods you need; all quality and measures.
You will get firewoods also ready carried to your stock, only inform us how much and in which kind of paggages you want those.

Quality is our passion!
All firewoods are made really without manual work. We use the most latest machines to get trees out of the forest and handle those to end product for your use.

Natural value
We take care of the forest , cut the trees on winter, only use trees when spacing out the forest.

The firewood has normally been drying at least one year , some qualities several years.

Please ask for more of the deliveries to your needs. We will arrange delivery normally in couple of days.

Delivery areas: Leppävirta, Varkaus, Joroinen, Heinävesi, Pieksämäki and Kuopio.

Firewood varieties and prices

Birch Chopped 33 cm – 74 € / bulk cube

Birch Chopped 50 cm – 74 € / bulk cube

Alder Chopped 33 cm – 66€/ bulk cube

Alder Chopped 50 cm – 66 €/ bulk cube

Prices include VAT 24%.

Shipping price will be agreed separately. We can also provide firewood stacked in storage at a different price.
Where necessary, the customer can pick up firewood themselves.

TEL 040 702 93 33

Varieties may vary from time to time, other dimensions for short delivery time, ask for more! Normal deliveries within a week of receiving the order.

Firewood order

You can order firewoods with a form.