mansikanpoimintaStrawberries, blackcurrants, rasberries, peas

The farm is situated in Eastern part of Finland in municipality of Leppävirta. Although we are in the biggest island of Finland, we are not isolated due to lot of bridges.

The farming was already started during the 1800s as a dairy farming, nowadays mainly strawberry and raspberry. Also some number rasberries and peas.

As the name Riihijärvi (”a drying barn beside to lake”) says, our farm is close to lake and nearly all our fields have a connnection to water.

The berry farming starded on 80’s and has grown up during the years to one of the biggest strawberry farms in eastern part of Finland. Every summer we are getting tens of young people from all over the europe to work on our fields and sense the midnight sun of Finland and get earnings.

punnitusProduct info

We are producing Strawberries, blackcurrants, rasberries and peas; all these in several differant qualities.

We sell our products directly to big customers and have cold chain from the farm to end users.

Farm info

We will take tens of people during the year for different type of farming work: strawberry workers, planting, car drivers etc. Also we need people to tractor works and forestry works. This all nearly round the year.